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Cognitive Health Assessment Training (1.5 CE/CME/MOC)
The cognitive health assessment (CHA) is a dementia screening approach intended to be conducted in older adult patients whenever a cognitive screen is indicated. Dementia Care aware offers a training on the assessment to empower primary care providers and their teams to better detect dementia in their patients. This training covers a dementia overview and the significance of screening, screening tools, and resources for implementing the cognitive health assessment.

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Reinforce your learnings with additional self-paced trainings! Each offer FREE .5 CE/CME/MOC.

Conducting the cognitive health assessment with an Interprofessional Team
Available starting 5/25
This course covers strategies for incorporating team members into the cognitive health assessment and how to introduce screening tools to patients and their care partners in a sensitive, normalizing way.

Adapting the cognitive health assessment: Considerations for Patients with Communication Barriers
Available starting 6/15
This course covers how to recognize when and how you might adapt the cognitive health assessment for diverse patient characteristics and co-morbidities including Non-English Language Speakers, Limited Literacy/Illiteracy, Serious Mental Illness, Substance Use Disorders, Experiencing Homelessness, Living with Disabilities.

After a Positive cognitive health assessment: Next Steps
Available starting 6/23
This training covers how to share positive cognitive health assessment results with patients and the next steps in diagnostic evaluation and referrals after a positive CHA

Cognitive Health Assessments in a Telehealth Encounter
Available starting 7/21
This course covers the different screening tools that are suitable for phone and video encounters and strategies on how to conduct the assessment itself via a phone or video encounter.

Advance Care Planning
Available starting 8/3
More details coming soon.

Supporting Care Partners
Available starting 9/6
More details coming soon.

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