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Education & Training

Dementia Care Aware is here to help primary care teams learn how to do dementia screening and the next steps in assessment and care. We provide practical resources and many training options. Explore all our training opportunities below, all of which offer free CME/MOC and CE credits!

Cognitive Health Assessment Training

At Dementia Care Aware, we understand that brain health is integral to overall well-being. Our comprehensive cognitive screening approach, known as the Cognitive Health Assessment (CHA), is designed for quick, confident, and regular use with older adult patients. Developed in collaboration with California’s dementia and primary care experts, the CHA is a 5–10-minute annual screen covering cognitive, functional, and care partner assessments. It is endorsed by the California Department of Health Care Services as the standard of care for dementia screening in older adults. Providers completing CHA training can bill for a cognitive assessment in their Medi-Cal beneficiaries using billing code 1494F.

Dementia Care Aware’s training on the CHA includes an overview of dementia, review of the recommended tools for screening, and how to conduct the screening. Through real-world examples, you will learn how to conduct the assessment as any member of the primary care team. 

Learners can access a self-paced version of the training by signing up on our eLearning platform or by registering for a live-virtual training. 

Download additional resources related to the Cognitive Health Assessment: ADL/IADL Checklist and Conducting the Cognitive Health Assessment.

Other Learning and Educational Opportunities

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Online Courses

Dementia Care Aware offers additional courses through our online course catalogue for a deeper dive into topic areas related to assessing and caring for people with dementia. Courses include:

  • Dementia Mini-Course
  • The Cognitive Health Assessment for Team Members
  • Telehealth and the Cognitive Health Assessment
  • …and more!


Cognitive screening and brain health care are important for maintaining well-being in older adults, but the process looks different for everyone. To address these differences and insure best-practices, Dementia Care Aware hosts monthly webinars that focus on specific topics relevant to the CHA, such as assessing and connecting with the caregiver, medical legal considerations, and adapting the cognitive health assessment for non-English speakers and people experiencing homelessness.

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Interactive Case Conferences

Dementia care is better when done together! Dementia Care Aware offers regular peer-to-peer lectures and interactive, case-based seminars with dementia experts to help providers learn about the CHA and management of dementia.


To help break up and tackle tough dementia-related topics, Dementia Care Aware hosts a monthly podcast, Dementia Care on Air, featuring dementia and primary care experts in conversation. This podcast covers issues facing primary care as it confronts the clinical aspects of dementia care in a more informal way.

Have questions about dementia care? Call our warmline for clinicians today at 1-800-933-1789!