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About Dementia Care Aware

Dementia Care Aware is a state-wide program in California for primary care providers. It provides the information and tools needed to successfully administer cognitive health assessments and determine the appropriate next steps for the patients.

A critical step in meeting the needs of the growing aging population is early recognition of cognitive decline. By 2040, the number of Californians aged 65 and older living with Alzheimer’s disease is expected to more than double. Californians who live to be 65 or older have a one in five chance of developing any type of dementia. Early detection means we can act sooner to slow progression of dementia and improve quality of life for the person living with the condition and for their care partners.


Dementia Care Aware is a training and support program led by the California Department of Health Care Services and the University of California, San Francisco that empowers primary care teams to meet this need and assess and address dementia early.


The Cognitive Health Assessment, which is a 5 to 10-minute screening approach, can fit into several types of visits – including routine visits, Medicare Annual Wellness Visits (AWV), and during Health Risk Assessments – and can satisfy the required AWV cognitive impairment screening. The cognitive health assessment training is offered as an online course and as monthly virtual training webinars. Once trained, providers can also receive $29 per each annual screen for those Medi-Cal patients who are fee-for-service and do not have Medicare. 


Dementia Care Aware provides even more training, for example on the next steps in evaluation after a positive screen, care planning with patients, connecting patients and care partners to community resources, and tools for successfully implementing dementia detection and care in clinical practice.


Dementia Care Aware is here to help primary care providers and their teams make dementia screening do-able and care planning proactive so we can intervene early and improve what it means to live with dementia. We can answer any questions health care professionals may have at 1-800-933-1789 or by submitting an online request for information on our website.

Additional Resources

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