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Practice Support Consultation

Get hands-on guidance and connections to resources to make meaningful improvements in your daily practice.

Dementia Care Aware understands that practice change is difficult to do without support. For organizations interested in hands-on guidance and connections to resources to make meaningful improvements in their daily practice, Dementia Care Aware has partnered with UCLA Health and the Alzheimer's Association's consultation and quality improvement team.

UCLA Health Alzheimer's and Dementia Care (ADC) Program

Based on the award-winning UCLA Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Program, this co-management model of care is designed to help patients and their families meet the complex medical, behavioral, and social needs of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia.

Benefits of adopting the ADC program:

— 40% reduction in long-term nursing home placement

— 64% reduction in behavioral symptoms

— 79% improvement in caregiver confidence in handling dementia complications

— 61% reduction in caregiver stress

— 92% of dementia quality indicators are met

— $2,404 Medicare savings per year per patient

Physician post-ADC adoption survey results:

— 72% felt they received valuable social recommendations

— 71% felt they received valuable behavioral recommendations

— 89% felt their relationships with patients were enhanced

— 82% felt they saved time

— 100% of providers would recommend the ADC to other patients

UCLA Health Dementia Care Aware Offerings

As part of the Dementia Care Aware initiative, UCLA Health is providing several key offerings. UCLA’s role is to improve the care and outcomes of persons living with dementia (PLWD) and their caregiver after diagnosis. UCLA plans to do this by providing training and support to healthcare providers and assistance with practice-level changes to have the needs of PLWD addressed systematically through comprehensive dementia care programs.

Click below to contact Program Manager Jagrup Kaur for more information about UCLA Health’s ADC Program and Dementia Care Aware key offerings.

The Alzheimer’s Association

Transformative Consulting Services

From assessment and diagnosis to care planning and follow-up, the Alzheimer’s Association will work with your health system to transform your dementia care practice. Through our consulting services, we can:

— Analyze data to uncover barriers to quality dementia care

— Provide tools and resources to implement evidence-based strategies

— Perform a gap analysis to identify key areas for process and quality improvement

— Use Triple Aim to optimize health systems performance

— Develop customized solutions to help improve dementia care management

Quality Improvement Services

Alzheimer’s Association staff can serve as consultants and/or facilitators on formal QI projects designed to address the unique challenges of your health system, primary care practice or organization. Through strategies such as staff training and guidance on the implementation of evidence-based tools and resources, the Association can help you:

— Reduce inefficiencies in process and workflow

— Implement and improve practice standards for person-centered dementia care

— Enhance quality of care and potentially reduce costs

Contact for more information about the Alzheimer’s Association Health Systems support services.

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