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Izabel Psikyan Portrait

Izabel Pisikyan - Program Coordinator

Izabel Pisikyan earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Master of Arts degree in Developmental Psychology at San Francisco State University (SFSU), where she also worked as an Undergraduate and Graduate Researcher.

Before joining the Dementia Care Aware team she worked as a Behavioral Health Administrator at Asian Perinatal Advocates Family Support Services. In her Administrator role, Izabel worked with diverse and underserved communities to provide access to mental health resources to adult, children, and families living in San Francisco.

In her role as Program Coordinator at Dementia Care Aware Izabel helps support program evaluation efforts. Izabel’s responsibilities include reporting on key metrics related to online training modules, webinars, podcasts, and clinical outcomes. When Izabel is not working, you can find her taking a ridiculous number of photos of her two cats, Cali and Casper.

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