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Jada Smith Portrait

Jada Smith - Data Analyst

Jada holds a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, as well as a Bachelor of Art in Spanish from California State University, East Bay. Her strong background in mathematics, experience leading data initiatives for DEI practices, and making improvements to business processes has strongly influenced her personal and professional experiences. Jada has developed a passion to perform meaningful work toward social justice issues in her community by remaining her authentic self and strategizing solutions to real-world problems through an equitable lens. She prides herself on being a lifelong learner and continuously pursuing opportunities that will further fabricate her as a highly sought-after resource for individuals in her community.

Jada is also Co-Founder & CFO of Jasiri Coder LLC, where the focus is to teach students the foundations of coding and mathematics so that they do not feel overwhelmed if they choose to pursue a future career in STEM.

As the Dementia Care Aware Data Analyst, Jada’s primary functions include data abstraction and maintenance, program coordination, reporting and analyses. She participates in DCA project planning and development, coordinating and maintaining project timelines and deliverables for interview and focus group activities.

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